Ethio-Cali Residency At The Blue Whale Oct 5th

We’re excited to be back playing in one of our favorite venues in the city as we kick off our fall residency at the Blue Whale. On Sunday, October 5th, we’ll be highlighting the history and widespread influence of latin music on the African continent. We will explore the ways in which clave-based Cuban music and New York Salsa led to the development of vibrant local scenes in countries like the Congo, Senegal, Benin, and Ethiopia.

Amara Toure, Gnonnas Pedro, El Rego, and Orchestra Baobab are some of the luminaries of this genre that we’ll be paying tribute to on this special night. We will also have some special guests featured in the rhythm and horn sections.

TODD SIMON – (trumpet, music director, arranging)
RANDAL FISHER – (saxophone)
DEXTER STORY – (keys, guitar, arranging)
DAMON AARON – (guitar)
ALAN LIGHTNER – (steel pan / percussion)
TE’AMIR YOHANNES SWEENEY – (drums, percussion)

special guests:
JOSIEL PEREZ – (trumpet)
RICHI PANTA – (percussion)


$15 / 21+ / 8pm–12am

Blue Whale
123 Astronaut E S Onizuka Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 620-0908

Residency Dates: October 5, Nov 2, December 7